Benefits of becoming a CurrentSAFE® Dealer!

Are you ready to take your electrical contracting business to the next level?

By becoming a member of the CurrentSAFE® Electrical Preventative Maintenance Dealer Network, you will…


  • Create a remarkable niche in your market by offering unmatched, advanced electrical services to commercial entities and institutions.
  • Open doors that you never thought possible.
  • Generate new, long-term customers while offering new services to existing customers…and the pull-through business opportunities are endless.
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Are you an electrical contractor looking to future proof your business? What would predictable revenue, customer retention, enhanced profitability and a proven sales and service system do for the future of your organization? At CurrentSAFE®, we are an elite network of electrical contractors who are focused 100% on 3 major areas of business. 

  • Recurring Maintenance and Revenue
  • Multi-Year Service Agreements 
  • Increased Negotiated Projects         

If you have heard about CurrentSAFE® and are wondering what the benefits might be for your organization, here are a few good reasons why companies are joining our rapidly growing network.

  • A proven global business and service model utilizing our industry specific sales and technical training
  • Exclusive/Protected Dealership Territories
  • No more relying on the economy and bid and spec work
  • Cross sell your existing customer base while focusing on adding NEW customers every year
  • Learn to leverage OSHA and NFPA 70E requirements with any vertical market
  • Consult immediately on the “6 Steps to NFPA 70E Compliancy”

    At CurrentSAFE®, we want you to be the leader in your market. Contact us today to learn more about our elite network and available territories. 

There’s no better time than right now to become a CurrentSAFE® Electrical Preventative Maintenance Dealer.

CurrentSAFE® is the industry’s most trusted name in electrical testing, maintenance and compliancy. We are your turnkey solution in protecting the continuity of business through state-of-the-art technology and world class training.

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In order to serve our potential dealers with greater industry insight, CurrentSAFE® has answered some of your most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not mentioned on our FAQ page, please let us know.

1. Why add CurrentSAFE® to my existing business model/plan?

CurrentSAFE® is an elite network of electrical contractors focused 100% on recurring revenue, multi-year service agreements and increased negotiated projects. It affords you the opportunity to expand your existing business and customer list with an established global brand and a proven operating system already in place.

2. I’m interested in becoming a CurrentSAFE dealer. What do we need to do?

Getting started is as easy as picking up the phone or contacting us through the CurrentSAFE® website. We’re more than happy to schedule a meeting with your leadership team to discuss dealer options and available territory. Most importantly, we’re excited about watching you become the leader in your market.

3. Tell me about CurrentSAFE’s industry specific training and support?

As a new CurrentSAFE® dealer, you will attend our initial 5-day training seminar at one of our business centers around the country, consisting of a Technical track, Sales track, and Management track. You and your CurrentSAFE® team will leave training with the highest level of knowledge and confidence, getting you on a pathway to success. Once training is complete, on-going support comes in many forms including weekly assistance via conference calls, onsite training and coaching, e-learning training courses, newsletters and much more.  CurrentSAFE® also offers additional training options to help improve the growth of your company, such as Project Manager Training, Management Training and Leadership and Business training.

4. We are eager to get started, how long does the dealership process usually take?

While every case is different, between the time you sign the dealer agreement, and you open your business is approximately 90 to 120 days.

5. What qualifications does CurrentSAFE® look for in potential dealers?

CurrentSAFE® is looking for businesses who are eager to be the leaders in their market. People and businesses that are looking to grow and expand using today’s technology and training to future proof their business. These candidates also possess the ideal mix of business qualities, professional experience and sound financial standing.

6. What is CurrentSAFE®’s system for determining an exclusive territory?

No one knows your business and target markets better than you. That’s why our dealership team will work directly with you, taking into account key factors when determining your territory and size. Factors such as where your current customers are located, the number of businesses in the area, expanding vertical markets, as well as areas in which you would like to expand your business.

7. Once I am a CurrentSAFE® dealer, am I required to hire additional staff?

Our experience has shown us that there are usually individuals within your current organization that possess the skills and desire needed to successfully start a CurrentSAFE dealership. This allows you to create an amazing team of energetic individuals within your organization who are ready to take on a new adventure, while simultaneously eliminating turnover with your current staff. Ongoing support is provided by your CurrentSAFE team member to ensure you’re on the right track to promote new positions, and reach and connect to applicants using up-to-date digital tools.

8. Why businesses like yours made the decision to be a CurrentSAFE® Dealer?

There are various reasons as to why a contractor joins the CurrentSAFE® network. They recognize the opportunity to increase their business value, they understand the power of brand identity and the importance to inspire employees, and the strategic partnership that they form with CurrentSAFE® through world class training. They also desire to be a part of an elite network that is inclusive of a tried and true turn key system.

9. Why is recurring revenue important to me as a contractor?

The impact of monthly recurring revenue is the key to efficiency, stability and the future growth of any organization. This is important for a business – it guarantees and establishes a regular, predictable revenue stream that you can now count on year after year. Contracted future revenues also make it easier to make investments in the business and plan for growth.  Regular recurring revenue is efficient revenue because it enables scalability and allows a contractor to better utilize their resources in the most efficient manner.