epm & NFPA 70E

CurrentSAFE is the industry’s leader in Electrical Preventative Maintenance and NFPA 70E Compliance. Ranging from small commercial facilities to the largest industrial facilities, CurrentSAFE has been helping our customers stay 100% compliant and electrically safety trained.

Is your facility NFPA 70E Compliant?
Find out in 3 simple steps



Our experts tour your facility, identify your critical electrical/power needs and determine your level of compliancy.


We deliver a complete inventory list of your eletrical distribution equipment and components.



A customized plan is developed that helps your facility become and remain compliant.


Only CurrentSAFE® utilizes the EPM480 Advanced Electrical Testing & Reporting software system that delivers a Same-Day report upon completion of testing. Contact us for a free consultation to help determine the right steps for your facility.


What is NFPA 70E?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E outlines the requirements to protect personnel by reducing exposure to arc flash, arc blast and electrical hazards. As part of NFPA 70E, industrial and commercial facility owners and managers are required to perform a Hazard/Risk Analysis on their electrical systems and electrical wiring, provide safety training to staff, and perform ongoing electrical preventative maintenance.


NFPA 70E Compliance

  • Compliance ensures the safety of your employees.
  • Compliance ensures the ongoing reliability of your facility.
  • Compliance protects contractors working on your electrical systems.
  • Compliance reduces your risk of liability.
  • Compliance reduces your risk of an OSHA citation.

The CurrentSAFE  EPM Program will ensure…

  • NFPA 70E Compliance
  • Insurance Compliance
  • Safety of Personnel
  • Business Interruption Protection
  • Protection of Your Facility
  • Power Quality

Electrical Preventative Maintenance (EPM) Services

Infrared Thermography

Identify “Hot Spots” in your electrical distribution system with CurrentSAFE ‘s certified infrared thermographers

Ultrasonic Testing

Uncover hidden electrical hazards by probing for arcing, tracking and corona with Airborne Ultra technology

Visual Inspections

Ensure your Code Compliance and assist with Hazard Detection, Safety Concerns and Energy Savings Techniques

Baseline Power Readings

Get real time True Power current and voltage readings at strategic points in your electrical distribution


On-site or Off-site Electrical Safety Training to teach and qualify your employees in NFPA 70E Compliance

Arc Flash Analysis

Complete Arc Flash Hazard Analysis of your facility, including updated panel schedules and up to date one-line drawings

De-Energized Cleaning

De-Energized cleaning can be performed on all electrical equipment to help avoid catastrophic failure

Tightening & Torqueing

Your CurrentSAFE electrician will properly torque connections for protection against the dangers and risks of connection failures


Rest assured knowing that our elite maintenance program and training helps mitigate the risk of hazards and increases safety